Behind the screen

Who are you?

I'm Nanna, 29 years old and located in Denmark. I have a degree in international business communication and media, way too many notebooks and a vivid imagination. When I'm not working on a video game, I'm playing with my toddler and my fiancé, probably in the nearby woods.

Why are you making a video game?

I've been fascinated by video games ever since I as a 4-year-old played Legend of Zelda on Super Nintendo with my dad. I was spellbound. Nowadays with the internet, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and the like, video games are more available than ever.

But I miss the old games, where you had to explore a world and use magic and logic to play through a story. I'm tired of pay-to-win games, so I've decided to make a story-based game that has some of that old school feeling to it. I've plenty of experience with storytelling from other creative projects but this is my first video game.

What are some of the other creative projects that you've made?

To create a story and give an experience to others are essential to me. In the past I've written a novel, performed in several plays, been co-producer on a movie, and volunteered as weekly Game Master for more than 100 LARPing kids and teenager – just to name a few. I've worked on big projects spanning for a year with a lot of people, to solo-projects of hours. The common thread has always been storytelling.

How are you using your experience with storytelling from other media in this project?

To me it's all about storytelling and what makes a story great. I'm interested in the different strengths of different media, what makes a movie good doesn't necessarily makes a book or a game good. I'm fascinated by and have worked with both writing, movie productions and game making.

Besides that, I'm into all sorts of genres; I read anything from Dickens to Shopaholic, watch anything from Nosferatu to Sex and the City and play anything from Super Mario to Dungeons and Dragons. To me it is a strength to be able to draw on elements from all genres and media.

From earlier projects I'm used to managing a lot of different roles. Some of my responsibilities in the movie production was co-writer, producer, caster, make up-artist and sound mixer. When running a big LARP campaign I used to handle not only more than 100 players, but their parents and the volunteers as well. In this solo-project of making a video game I'm both writer, developer, technician, marketing manager and everything else.